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Whom shall I send and who will go for us?’ And I said: ‘Here I am, send me!

Isaiah 6:8

God is looking for people that dare to go to where His Gospel is not yet known. Are you willing to go and make His love and mercy known to all people? If this is you, we challenge you to join Mission Indonesia!

Together with your team you will live in Indonesia. YWAM Heidebeek will provide you and your team with the tools you’ll need in your preparation. The first step is to take a School of Frontier Missions at YWAM Heidebeek. This school will further equip you to reach the unreached. After you have arrived in Indonesia you will start learning the language.

You can join us long-term or for just one year to find out what God has for you after that.



It is our vision to see movements of self-multiplying fellowships of believers emerge through which the Gospel reaches each person and the Kingdom of God becomes visible in every aspect of life and society. First we focus on an area of 1.1 million people on the island of Java. But we believe the movements can go beyond this region as the Holy Spirit leads.

Mission Indonesia is a project that invites you to join this vision and helps you to go by:


  • Bringing you and others together in a team
  • Helping you to leave prepared
  • Making arrangements together with you for in Indonesia ( housing, language school, visa)
  • Training you
  • Supporting you on the field


Coaching to go to Indonesia

1. Preparations

Before you are ready to go you will need to have some time of  preparation. Some of the things you need to arrange have to do with insurances, legal issues and fundraising. We will be available for you to ask questions, give you advice and to help where we can. Take the School of Frontier Missions

Flight to Indonesia

2. Moving to Indonesia

Next you will leave to Indonesia where you will start living on Java. Together with your team of 4 – 7 persons you will have a number of introduction and team-building days. During these days you will get to know each other. It will give you a first introduction to your surrounding, Frontier Missions, Church Planting Movements (CPMs), Indonesian language, culture and more.

To be able to make contacts, you will have to learn the language. That’s why, from Monday to Friday, you will go to a language school for 2 hours a day during this first year. But the language you will learn most by practicing it. You will have many opportunities to do so, because the Indonesian people are very relationship oriented.

YWAM Heidebeek

3. Support

YWAM Heidebeek will provide support for you and your team through various ways. You can think about the possibility of a personal contact at Heidebeek, a pastoral visit that will come to visit every year and regular prayer support. Also you can make use of the possibility to have the personal donations for you coming through Heidebeek and to make use of the housing facilities during a time of furlough.

In Indonesia there will be contact persons with whom your team will work together. Especially in the beginning they will help you to settle.

Landscape Indonesia

4. Long or Short term

Our aim is to see long-term teams established that focus on starting Church Planting Movements (CPMs). But you are also welcome to join if you can’t make a long-term commitment yet and/or want to get involved in another type of ministry. For example working among women in prostitution, community development or something else in Indonesia. Just join us for a year to find out what God has for you after that. We believe this program will be of great benefit to you and we love to help you to take the step to the mission field!