Creative Media Team

Creative Media Team

we'll make it beautiful

Creative ideas and solutions

We are a team of creative and passion driven individuals who want to use our gifts and talents to communicate YWAM Heidebeek’s vision, schools & opportunities to the outside world.

Our team consists of professional and non-professional individuals who bring creative ideas and solutions to a number of projects that our team need to address and bring results to.

Our team designs and creates in the following:

  • CALLED magazine
  • Design
  • house-style branding
  • promotional videos
  • social media
  • promotional flyers
  • photography

Our portfolio

  • Called Magazine
  • Instagram YWAM Heidebeek
  • YWAM Heidebeek shirt
  • Creative Media Team: Maintenance Calendar
  • Called Magazine
  • YWAM DTS at Opwekking

    The Skill Shop

    We would love to add people with one or more of the following skills to our teams!

    • Photographers
    • Graphic Designers
    • Social Media Influencers
    • Artists
    • Writers
    • Journalists
    • Video game/ App Creators
    • Web designers and coders
    • Filmographers