Kairos Course: globe

The Kairos Course

gospel to the nations

In this intensive format of the course we will discover more about Gods amazing plan voor this world. Come and be educated and inspired. A must for every Christian who wants to life his live for Gods purposes. This course will be led by workers from different missionary organizations like Operation Mobilisation, Youth with a Mission, he Alliance for Baptist, CAMA Churches and WEC.



Kairos Course: Compass

This course is for everybody who wants to grow as a disciple of Christ, and wants to investigate what God is up to in this world.


  • Discover the thread of God's story from Genesis to Revelation
  • Glimpse the awesome advance of Christianity around the world
  • Explore the challenging, yet achievable, final frontiers of world Christian mission
  • Identify your part and place in the expansion and growth of God’s kingdom worldwide
  • Learn from some of today’s leading mission personalities, theologians and historians
Kairos Course: stained glass window

1. God’s Purpose and Plan

We will discover from the Bible what lies at the center of all God’s concern.

  • God – The Bible is the story of His Glory.
  • God’s Purpose – To re-conquer His usurped kingdom and reconcile the nations to himself.
  • God’s Plan – To engage His chosen people in His world-wide mission of mercy.
Kairos Course: religions

2. Israel, The Covenant People

We will study God’s dealing with the nation of Israel in His desire to fulfill His purposes through them.

  • Israel’s Obligation – What was God’s call unto Israel?
  • Israel’s Opportunity – Which opportunities did God  give them to fulfill their calling?
  • Israel’s Response – How did Israel respond to their calling? O
Kairos Course: Church History

3. The Messiah, the Message & the Messengers

We will see that God’s concern for all nations is still His central purpose as we move into the New Testament.

  • Jesus, Messiah for all peoples – Jesus, ministered to both Jews and Gentiles.
  • A Message for all Peoples – Jesus’ preaching on the Kingdom was for both Jew and Gentile.
  • Messengers for all Peoples – The advance of the Church into intentional missions after Pentecost.
Kairos Course: explore

4 . Expansion of the World Christian Movement

We trace the advance of Christianity from its beginning to the present day.

  • The three eras of modern missions.
Kairos Course: Missions Strategy

5. Strategy

What responsibility did God give to the Church to fulfill his plan for this world? How far have we come, what still needs to happen and how can we do it?

Kairos Course: Mission Afrika

6. Culture

We will experience different cultures in different ways. We will look into the challenges that come about when we reach out to people who are different than ourselves.

    • Kairos Cursus

      Conducting the Kairos couse in our church has helped us to see, as individuals and as a church, how we fit into God’s big plan.” Pastor from Australia.

      Pastor from Australia
    • Kairos Course

      Understanding God’s heartbeat has given me a greater love for Him, compassion for the lost, zeal in service and power in prayer.

      Buisnesswoman in Singapore
    • Kairos Course

      It’s not a course … it’s an encounter with God and His Word, causing you to think in line with His purpose.

      Missionary in South East Asia


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      € 155.00



      € 155 (all-in, including housing)
      € 100 (excl. housing)

      The Kairos course is also available for whole Church groups on location. Go to kairoscursus.nl for more information.