School of Kingdom Empowerment (SOIP)


His Kingdom on the earth

It is from a place of intimacy with God that we can manifest His Kingdom on the earth, and that is our desire: to empower you to join with God in seeing the reality of heaven released everywhere you go.

Come and join one of our fantastic open days!

18 - 22 October | Worship

Worship is something that has been greatly misunderstood in the church today. Is it only singing songs or is it a lifestyle? If it’s a lifestyle, how do you live it out? If you are curious to learn more about the power of worship, please join us!

The cost for the week including food + housing is €195,-

15 & 16 October | Dream Interpretation

God speaks in many different ways, also through our dreams. Understanding what He is saying in our dreams can unlock keys for us in our relationship with God and with others. Would you like to discover more about how God speaks in the night? Join us!

The teachings will be on Zoom and the cost is €20.

1 - 5 November | Unlocking the prophetic.

God gave us gifts so that we can share His love. The Bible talks about the importance of prophecy, but how do you prophesy? What kind of prophetic gifts are there? If you’re eager to learn & unlock the prophetic in your life, join us!

The cost for the week including food + housing is €195,-

8 - 12 November | Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is always present but not always experienced. Stefaan is passionate about empowering people to step into experiencing the Holy Spirit. If you are hungry to meet God in a new and deeper way, please join us!

The cost for the week with food + housing is €195,-

15 - 19 November | Healing & Deliverance

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free” (Gal. 5:1). Do you feel locked up in old patterns? Do you get stuck in heated discussions about “right and wrong” when  you share Jesus with people? Join us for a week of breakthrough!

The cost including food + housing is €195,-

November 29 - 3 December | Engaging Heaven

Heaven is God’s Kingdom. But how do we allow the realities of Heaven to manifest in our daily lives? What does it mean to “partner with Heaven”? If you’re interested to learn and experience more about engaging heaven, please join us!

The cost for the week including food + housing is €195,-


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Course fees
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