Prayer & Prophetic seminar Mini SOKE

encounter God's heart for you and the world

Have you ever wondered what God’s Kingdom looks like? Do you sometimes feel stuck as a follower of Jesus, wanting more but not knowing how? Or do you just love Jesus and want to know Him deeper? Then come join us in the MiniSOKE!

In the MiniSOKE we unfold the theme of hearing God’s voice, the gifts of the Spirit, evangelism, prayer, reading the Word and worship – making them practical and actionable in your life. It’s all part of God’s Kingdom that we get to bring wherever we go.

When we talk about God’s Kingdom, we emphasise how important it is to love Him and to love our neighbour as ourselves. We are committed to build everything we do on this foundation. That means that we will also go deep during the lectures and the other activities, so we can make this principle practical in our lives. We want to be people who reflect Jesus wherever we go.

So come and join us in an adventure of exploring of the Kingdom together!

The MiniSOKE reflects what the SOKE (School of Kingdom Empowerment) looks like – a 3-month second level school that we offer here at YWAM Heidebeek. The MiniSOKE will be 1 week filled with lectures, Bible reading, small groups, evangelism, worship and prayer, and fun times!

Schoolleiders School of Kingdom Empowerment

It is from a place of intimacy with God that we can manifest His Kingdom on the Earth

Florence Tsala


Next Prayer & Prophetic seminar Mini SOKE
13 July - 19 July 2024


Course fees
€ 275.00