Mini DTS- Youth

Mini DTS

Invest 2 weeks into your relationship with God

Invest 2 weeks in your relationship with God. Get inspired to discover your role in Gods mission for this world. Be our guest at YWAM Heidebeek, community, in an area with beautiful nature. Wonderful speakers, times of worship and intercession, having meals together and more. That is the Mini DTS!

During the Mini DTS you will receive amazing input about different subjects like the Character of God, Missions and the Holy Spirit. These subjects also form part of the school where the mini DTS is derived from: the Discipleship Training School (YWAM-DTS). The mini DTS can be a special way to spend your summer holiday and lasts 2 weeks!

Mini DTS: fellowship

Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM)  motto is  ‘Know God and make Him Known’. Our desire and goal is that throughout the Mini DTS you will experience a time of personal growth in your relationship with God. And also discover that you have a role in Gods mission for this world!

Mini DTS: youth

The Mini DTS is open for everyone of 17 years and older. Both singles, couples and families are welcome.

We provide a children’s programme throughout the course including during evening classes.

Teaching on outreach

The Mini DTS is divided in 2 weeks of lecture with different theme’s. In general the program consists of lectures in the mornings and a diverse program in the afternoon, including free time. Some days we also have lecture in the evening.


Warm meals will be provided in the afternoon (lunchtime). You will stay at our building ‘de Spreng’ (translated: the Spring). You will either share a room with two other persons or more in a small dormitory setting. Families and couples will have their own rooms. There is also a cosy living room, a big kitchen and green fields for sports.


For adults:

Adults €400,-

For families:

Babies 0-2 €80,-

Toddlers 3-5 €135,-

Children 6-11 €160,-

Teenagers 12-16 €190,-


  • God really changed my heart during the two weeks of mini DTS. I came with a longing heart to get to know God in a deeper way and to experience His and His presence. I encountered Him way more than expected and I never thought that I will experience so many new things in such a short time. He filled my heart and I realized that He has so much more for me than I know. I just have to open my heart for Him and receive it. I am grateful that God blessed me in this time with the right people who supported me and helped me to grow in my faith.

    former participant
  • During the mini DTS I suddenly understood that God loves me, it really came into my heart and that made me feel so free and also more confident about myself. I know now that I am worthy to be loved by God and by people. I always thought that people and God love me because of what I do, or that other people are loved but I never really believed that God loves me, it really feels like freedom.

    Former Mini DTS particpant


    Next Mini DTS
    20 July - 4 August 2024


    Course fees
    € 400.00
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