A place in the neighbourhood for women

Luz inspiration day

Are you coming on Saturday October 15 to the LUZ inspiration day?

  • Time: 09:45  – 15:15
  • Where: Heidebeek, Mussenkampseweg 32, Heerde
  • Costs: The day is free.
  • During the day there will be an offer held to cover the costs.
  • Apply via

Refugee women long for connection, a place nearby where they are welcome and can enter into relationship. Connection brings recovery.

Even with a permit to stay, there is still a long way to go before refugees feel at home in The Netherlands. We want to create a safe, open meeting place for women where they have an
opportunity to learn and speak Dutch in a relaxed way and listen to (bible) stories.

LUZ is created to give women refugees a place where they can meet other women in their neighbourhood, learn to speak Dutch in a relaxed environment, listen to (Bible) stories and do crafts.

Luz - vluchtelingen vrouwen

LUZ is the place in the Bible where a fleeing Jacob unexpectedly met God and was blessed. He named the place Bethel, which means House of God. LUZ is a place on a journey to meet
God and to be blessed. LUZ in Spanish means “Light”.

Are you a woman with a heart for foreigners in your neighborhood? Would you like to invest to see these women blossom? We want to inspire and support you in the development of a
LUZ-group in your hometown.

LUZ organizes inspiration days during the spring and fall, which you can attend.