YWAM Leadership Training School (LTS)
LTS Europe



As of Jan 21, 2021, the LTS has started. About 80 students from across Europe are currently on their leadership journey, together with about 30 staff.

The LTS kick-off in January was online (zoom). The April Intensive will also be online, since COVID restrictions still make traveling and gathering from across the nations impossible.

Depending on the relaxation of COVID restrictions, the school will gather in the various locations/nations as planned.

In January 2022 this LTS will be completed.


Registration is closed for this LTS Europe.


At this stage no plans yet for a next LTS.


Currently no dates available


Lecture phase
€ 1,400.00




This LTS (Europe) is accredited with the University of the Nations. (12 credits)

The Leadership Training School (LTS) will help build a community of leaders in YWAM Europe, and further equip, train and mentor YWAM leaders (you?!) for better years of service in YWAM, in new partnerships and in pioneering endeavors.

This school is especially aimed at equipping base leaders and their leadership teams. Other YWAM leaders (ministry team leaders or pioneer leaders) or spouses of YWAM leaders are also invited to apply. Depending on the demand a selection process might be implemented. If possible, we recommend YWAM base leadership teams to apply together as teams.

What are we aiming to do?

There are four major themes spread over this ten-month learning period:

YWAM Leadership Training School (LTS)


We want to help you establish deeper and lasting relationships with other YWAM leaders across YWAM Europe.

Mentoring in the YWAM Leadership Training School


We want to facilitate effective mentoring and coaching between you and experienced YWAM leaders within Europe.

Meeting together in the YWAM Leadership Training School


We want to further develop your skills, both in leadership and project development.

Fundraising with Loren Cunningham


We want to further infuse you with YWAM DNA


Jeff Fountain - YWAM LTS Europe

“One of the most important dimensions of the LTS is the enriching experience of building relationships with other leaders from across Europe. My experience is that the resulting relational networks can last you a lifetime. The pan-European perspective you gain is essential for both YWAM and the body of Christ. Grab the opportunity!!” (Jeff is a respected senior leader/elder in YWAM Europe, currently leading The Schuman Centre for European Studies. www.schumancentre.eu)

Jeff Fountain
Europe - YWAM LTS


Twelve Months - Five Weeks - Five Locations

First module/intensive: (face to face) April 8 – 15, 2021

Join us on a ten month journey where you can develop and deepen your leadership competence and meet with other YWAM leaders across Europe. Many teachers, including senior YWAM leaders/elders will share their leadership experience, wisdom and practical skills to equip you to reach the next level.

This will be the second LTS Europe cycle. In the first one (Nov 2016 – Aug 2017) we trained about 100 leaders from over 20 European nations.


Being a leader means you have a demanding schedule! This is why this LTS format has been designed to work alongside your working life, rather than having to take a longer period of time out.

Over the course of ten months you will meet with other leaders five times for a period of approximately one week. In the gaps between meetings there is some online coursework and processing (skype) meetings to attend to.


The Teachers

Teaching on outreach

Teachers will be primarily seasoned YWAM leaders but also others leaders/pioneers in the body of Christ from Europe and beyond. We aim to have a good diversity of teachers and teaching styles. Much emphasis will be on processing teaching contents and dialoguing with teachers.

Dates and Locations

YWAM Skien Norway


Location: YWAM Skien base, Norway
Dates: April 8 – 15, 2021

YWAM Kiev, Ukraine - LTS Europe


Location: YWAM Kiev base, Ukraine
Dates: June 10 – 17, 2021

YWAM Hurlach, Germany - LTS Europe


Location: YWAM Hurlach base, Germany
Dates: August 12 – 19, 2021

YWAM Ljubljana, Slovenia - LTS Europe


Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
Dates: November 11 – 18, 2021

YWAM Heidebeek


Location: YWAM Heidebeek base,     The Netherlands
Dates: January 20 – 27, 2022

YWAM Leadership Training School (LTS)

The LTS will be staffed by Andreas & Åsne Nordli, Jim & Judy Orred, Freek & Angelique van Balen, Alice Byberg, Dick & Ulla Brouwer, Suse Chmell, John & Suzi Peachey, Frank Bauer, Sasha & Luda Volyanyk, Andreas & Heather Karstad, Henri & Tata Hermunen, Ash & Carina Thorpe, Stefan Pruim, Martijn Bruggeman and Ole & Camilla Ådland.


1,400 Euros per person for all lecture fees, accommodation and food. This price
excludes costs such as transportation costs (e.g. flights) to get to the different

Special price for couples:
One of the spouses pays full price of 1,400 Euros but the other spouse can attend for 1000 Euros. This
means couples only pay a total of 2,400 Euros for the entire school.

Coordination logistics, registration/application, finances will be carried by YWAM Heidebeek (Netherlands).

Each module will be begin at 18:00 on the date mentioned above.  Departure will be after breakfast on the end date.


Currently no dates available


Lecture phase
€ 1,400.00




This LTS (Europe) is accredited with the University of the Nations. (12 credits)

  • YWAM LTS Student Milena

    The biggest long term takeaway from the LTS for me has been the network. To connect and build friendships with YWAM leaders from all over Europe was so fun and I see the fruit of this still years after. It makes it so much easier to collaborate, exchange resources, support and learn from each other and stand together in seeing God's kingdom come in Europe. Through the LTS YWAM Europe became more like a family to me and I am so thankful for that!

    Milena, YWAM Norway
  • YWAM LTS Student Bart

    God has used the LTS to teach me the exact right tools at the right time in order for me to grow and develop as a young leader. The school has also been a great help in teaching me how to turn vision into reality. And last but not least, the LTS has turned out to be a great platform for building connections, relationships and friendships with other YWAM leaders across Europe. These have already resulted in fruitful partnerships for the furthering of God’s kingdom in Europe!

    Bart Harder, YWAM Constanta Romania
  • YWAM LTS Student Anna

    The LTS helped me to extend my view of the world. I can say that I learned how to plan and organize my ministries, how to be more effective and fruitful on the mission field. I would definitely recommend it!

    Anna Ossipova, YWAM Armenia
  • YWAM LTS Students Timo and Grace

    We loved our time doing the LTS. God was speaking so much and bringing clarity on so many different levels. We looked at leadership in general and got to know the values of YWAM more and more. We are thankful for all the new connections with people all over Europe that we were able to make and still uphold

    Timo and Grace, YWAM Biarritz France
  • This school was a time of my vision rebirth, personal and professional growth, recommitment to missions and healing. It was a great opportunity not just to meet people and build amazing connections with many others, but become friends for life. It is a great platform to start dreaming bigger and make practical steps towards it. The way the course is structured allows to process and implement gained knowledge right away, which was very helpful. I highly recommend this school to all who are in various leadership roles, who are in need of vision realignment or purification, a challenge and encouragement.

    Ksenia, YWAM Kiev/Ukraine

    Application process

    Via the link provided you are able to submit your school application (in category ‘U of N second level school’).

    *Note that the LTS has almost reached the target student number of 80. We might need to start
    a waiting list and see how many more we can serve in this LTS.

    • The application process will be handled by the YWAM Heidebeek Contact Centre, under supervision of Dick Brouwer (one of the LTS leaders). The YWAM Heidebeek location will also be handling finances and some of the school’s logistics.
    • In this application we have included some questions related to the ‘Leadership Focus’ of this school. We also ask for a reference/recommendation from one of your current YWAM leaders.
    • A small acceptance committee will look at the applications. We will be making room in the school for students – a fair representation – from all six YWAM Europe Areas.There will be no registration/application fee. Payment details for the LTS you will receive later.
    • Upon acceptance you will be receiving some information. Until the actual kick-off of the LTS, in August 2020, you will receive regular updates, and timely details regarding the various aspects of this school. Much of this communication will be forthcoming from the Heidebeek Contact Centre and our LTS admin team.

    Who can apply for this LTS?

    • YWAMers involved in any leadership role in Europe are welcome to apply. Applicants who have a YWAM commitment for the coming years will be prioritized. One of the assignments will be focusing on future mission/vision/plans in the (broad) framework of YWAM.
    • The LTS is very open for base leadership teams to apply. The previous LTS had a few of such teams who benefitted greatly because they all joined the school.
    • Ministry team leaders and leaders of pioneer teams are very welcome to apply.
    • Pioneering teams and projects in Europe are very much part of this LTS.
    • Young (emerging) leaders are also welcome to apply. This LTS can accelerate your leadership development and will connect you widely with other, perhaps more experienced leaders.
    • For married couples one or both could apply as LTS students. If only one wants to do the school there will be room in some locations to bring your spouse, to also link with this LTS (leadership learning) community and to be exposed to some of the teaching and school dynamics. If both want to apply as students, and they have (small) children, options will be looked at for such families where it concerns housing, nannies, finances etc. Some locations will be better equipped to facilitate for families with children.

    Especially the first Module, in Hurlach (Germany), is suitable to bring your family. This module is mid August (Summer vacation). Camping near the meeting facility or YWAM base is possible. Heidebeek (NL) and Kiev (UA) are also ‘family friendly’ YWAM locations.

    For more information contact: ltseurope@ywam.nl


    Currently no dates available


    Lecture phase
    € 1,400.00




    This LTS (Europe) is accredited with the University of the Nations. (12 credits)