Kids Run (fundraiser)

make a contribution to the kingdom


Goal of the fundraiser

We’re organising a kids run (fundraiser) where our children will be running rounds of 100 meters to raise money for the YWAM Heidebeek new building project. The money will go towards buying bricks for the exterior walls. The cost for all the bricks 15,000 euro. This new building will house students and staff who are part of YWAM Heidebeek and will help us continue to train many young people for world missions.

contribute to the kingdom

How is the fundraiser going to work?

on Friday October 30th there will be a kids run taking place on Heidebeek. The kids will run rounds of 100 meters. Children 4-7 will run for 15 minutes and 8-12 will run for 30 minutes.

You can sponsor a child per round or for a set amount.


3pm: the field is open
3:30pm: Start kids run
4pm: End of kids run, drinks and snacks.


Open Day
30 October 2020


This training is free of charge.


donate to our new building project