A year to know God and make Him known

We are happy to say that the DTS will continue despite COVID-19!

What is DTS+ all about?

In DTS+ you set apart a year of your life to know God and make Him known. It’s an intense, 9 month training broken down into three modules: lectures, outreach and specialised course. In other words a DTS plus course of your choice. This program is your first step into missions.

1. Lectures

The DTS Lectures are twelve weeks which provide you with the opportunity to grow and learn in many ways. It includes class lectures, small group discussions, assignments, worship and prayer times, evangelism, community life, practical work duties and much more. Speakers from the Netherlands and from abroad will encourage and challenge you to deepen your roots in God through their teaching and testimony.

    2. Outreach

    For the DTS Outreach you will go cross culturally to another country in order to put what you’ve learned into practice. This includes sharing the Gospel through evangelism, teaching and conversations, drama, sports and practical service. Outreach is sharing Jesus with people from a country you’ve probably never been to before.

    • Cross new borders
    • YWAM DTS team on outreach

      3. Specialised course

      Before you go on your DTS outreach you pick the course of your choice. The specialised courses are also available as separate trainings. As part of DTS+ we can offer these courses with a 300 euro discount.

      Bible course: Bible for Life

      Bible for Life

      Discover God’s story and be equipped to know, live and share the Bible.

      Go to Bible For Life

      School of Kingdom Empowerment (SOIP)

      School Of Kingdom Empowerment

      Join with God in seeing the reality of heaven released everywhere you go.

      Go to SOKE

      Children at Risk School

      Children At Risk School

      Help Children to restore their dignity.

      Go to CAR


        Currently no dates available


        Lecture phase
        € 2,250.00
        € 2,500.00 - € 3,100.00
        Course fees
        € 1,950.00


        On completion of all units of this course you will obtain a Certificate in Discipleship (DSP 211 / 212) from the University of the Nations. The specialised courses are also accredited at the  University of the Nations.