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Bible 3 Days: Mark

Do you know the story of Mark?

Most people have heard a parable or something that happened in the life of Jesus, but do you also know about the Bible books they are written in?

Take, for example, Mark and a well known story about Jesus.

We are familiar with many pieces from the book, but what else is there and why did Mark write the story of Jesus in this way?

What does it have to do with your life today?

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Bible study: The Gospel of Mark

Come discover what you did not know about the gospel of Mark during the Bible 3 Days at Heidebeek. Serval teachers take you on a discovery tour during the lessons,

with small exercises and in nice company.

Date: Friday 15 – Sunday 17 February
Cost: € 115,00 all-in; € 85,00 without over night stays, € 65,00 students

Apply before Tuesday 12 February


Open Day
15 February - 17 February 2019


Course fees
€ 65 - € 115