Youth camp

Live your Life with no apologies

We are happy to say that this Youth Camp will continue despite COVID-19!

Hi how nice you’re visiting our page. Maybe you’ve recognized it already but there is a spelling mistake in both the flyer and this page. We use both Reflax & Reflex. To be honest we’ve done that on purpose. This camp is all about the three words that combine “Reflex”. Reflex, Flexible and Relax.

The theme of the Camp is “Live your life with no Apologies”. Of course we hope you will apply soon because we look very much forward to the camp. But also for you that could have an advantage because if you apply before 1 of july you will get a 20 euro discount. And who knows maybe you can convince your parents to give those to you as pocket money.

Een geweldig, inspirerend en relaxed camp

The price for the camp will be 140,- euros. What do you get? An awesome, inspiring and relaxed Camp with other teenagers on the YWAM Heidebeek terrain. you will receive input out of the “No Apologies” programm, we will do some awesome games and there will be time to worship and hear from the Bible. To summarize, you have no excuse to not apply.

Ages welcome: 12-16 jaar

€120,- Bij opgave voor 1 juli. Opgave na 1 juli €140,-


Next Youth camp
13 August - 16 August 2020


Registration fees
€ 140



Tot slot nog even dit:

The Reflex Camp is organized through Youth With a Mission Heidebeek and NO Apologies. All input
and activities during the camp will be in line with the fundamental Values of YWAM. That means
everyone is welcome during the camp: whether from Reformed, Baptist, 7th day Adventist or even muslim or non-believer we love to have welcome you. During the Camp we will give input out of the
Bible and have Jesus focussed times of Worship.

In this weird time it is of course a bit strange to sign up for a Youth Camp. But although we are dealing with all these corona measures, we have decided to continue the Youth Camp. If the Youth Camp is eventually canceled due to measures taken by the government, you will receive a full refund of what you paid.