Building project heidebeek - building for missions

Building Project

In 2007 God began speaking about “growth”; Growth in the numbers of staff, participants and in a new building on Heidebeek.
In obedience to God steps begun to be taken and plans were developed. We saw amazing things happen. God providing for us with the right people at the right time in regards to applying for the various permits we required. Individuals have also offered their services, materials and time to “build” with us on this project. The steps which we have taken have been confirmed through God’s provisions.

Currently we are renting “Licht in Duuster” a former old peoples home in Epe to accommodate staff and participants. Through the years many people have accommodated the building temporarily and have made a lot of beautiful memories there. Unfortunately this building is now very old, expensive run (energy bills, fire safety adaptations etc.)
The new building will replace Licht in Duuster and give space for us to increase the staff/participant numbers.

During prayer the idea of partially building with our own staff and volunteers. By choosing to do this the time spent building increases but also saves us a lot in finances. The longer building process also gives us more opportunity for fundraising.

The dream and vision that God has given us is coming to reality! It’s wonderful to see the things God has been speaking about coming to be. The initial phases are already completed. In the autumn the first floor will be put on.

In all of this, we believe that it is not about building itself but about building God’s kingdom. We’re excited to be able to train and send even more people into the world to make Jesus known. Heidebeek is to be a Springboard for world missions for even more people!

Are you enthusiastic about this project and are you interested in investing in it through either donating materials, your expertise or by coming to help? Then please get in contact with us!

If you would like to give financially you can give any gifts for the new building via this page: