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Movement Starters DTS
Movement Starters DTS


The Movement Starters DTS will help you to start movements of God right where you live. The lecture phase is a great mixture of both regular DTS teaching as well as practical tools on how to start movements of God.
During the outreach you will actually start a movement of God. And after that it will start for real: home at work...


A DTS takes applications for anyone 18 years and older. The DTS is split in a lecture phase an outreach phase. In total the Movement Starters DTS will last 6 months and will run from September 20, 2017 until March 2, 2018.


Lecture phase: €2250, outreach phase between €2500 - €3000, depending on the destination. Various rates apply depending on your home country. Contact us for more details.

Needed for application procedure:
- 1 application form
- 2 copies of passport (valide till 6 months after the DTS)
- 2 passport photos
- 1 reference form from your pastor
- 2 reference forms from friends (no family)
- registrationfees: €25,- for singles, €35,- for married couples


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Organized by: Discipleship Training Center & Evangelism Center