Comm Dev

Community Development

become an agent of transformation

Do you have a heart for development? Do you want to see that communities will be changed towards Gods intentions?

The community development seminar will teach you how to encourage and empower people and communities.

Topics covered

Day 1 What is Community? And what is Development?

Gain a general understanding of ‘community’ and ‘development’; secular and Christian; The long term vision is building community and community development leading to transformation of a community.

Day 2 Biblical Development

Understand what is holistic, biblical community development as the expression of the fullness of the Kingdom of God / the full Gospel, and understand the specific terms used.

Day 3 Relief-Development Continuum

What is the difference between relief and development; what is the relationship between the two. Understanding what should be the appropriate, relevant response in any situation.

Day 4 Critical Issues of Development

Avoiding paternalism, dependency, Community initiated development (focus on authorship); Community led / managed development (focus on ownership).

Day 5 Community Assessment

Breakout groups at some point can also discuss specific ministry location challenges and different potential areas of community development.

How to ensure that any ministry expression remains holistic and community-led in the areas of:

• Health
• Poverty reduction / income generation
• Infrastructure
• Food security
• Justice / reconciliation
• Sports & recreation
• Arts


Open Day
26 March - 29 March 2018


Course fees
€ 150




For University of the Nations students you will receive COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT SEMINAR (DEV 165) certificate.